World Breastfeeding Week 2016

The 1st – 8th August is World Breastfeeding Week 2016.  This year the theme is about sustainable development.  The organisation have linked Breastfeeding to Sustainable Development Goals which you can read more about here about half way down the page.  I’m passionate about supporting women to breastfeed hence my blog this week.


world breastfeeding week logo

New Logo

World Breastfeeding Week have commissioned a new logo to show the need for equality and support.




I’m a fan of breastfeeding and fed my twins and my son.  One thing is for sure though I couldn’t have done it without the support of my husband.  The support from partners and from our social network is hugely important.  I’m already teaching my children not to compete with a breastfeeding mum over who is the most tired!  In the early days I don’t think anyone would deny how tiring it can be but once established it is hugely rewarding.  There are also lots of health benefits for mother and baby.


Information about breastfeeding

Information and support is also available from various institutions such as the NCT and the Le Leche League and Breastmates.

breastfeedDo get advice and help and information and I would recommend the earlier the better, even during pregnancy or before.  As well as being pro breastfeeding I’m pro-choice, but as this infographic shows some women would breastfeed and/or breastfeed longer if they were better supported and informed.

If you need help please contact the groups above or a supportive health professional.  The groups often have helplines so there is someone available who can help if you’re struggling.