Medical emergencies course for Dentists

The GDC and the Resuscitation Council (UK) set out what training they expect staff in dental practices to have with regard to medical emergencies.  Orchard Training Services is a specialist provider of resuscitation and medical emergency training to health professionals.  As a specialist we understand your working practices and your statutory training requirements, this course therefore covers all your required elements.

Our medical emergencies course for dentists is suitable for the whole team as Helen is used to educating mixed groups.  The course can be provided at a time convenient to you and your team on your site.  This enables discussion of your working environment and your available emergency equipment.  Helen prides herself on the level of service offered and also provides on-going support and an advice service for her customers.  Read more about what her customers say here.

During the medical emergencies course we cover:-

  • how to assess and manage an unwell adult using the ABCDE approach
  • the recognition and treatment of anaphylaxis
  • the recognition and treatment of choking
  • the recognition and treatment of acute asthma
  • the recognition and treatment of a heart attack
  • the recognition and treatment of sepsis
  • the recognition and treatment of hypoglycaemia
  • the recognition and treatment of epileptic fits
  • how to put someone in the recovery position
  • general first aid for external bleeding

The majority of our customers combine this course with our resuscitation (CPR) course to meet all their CPD requirements and our defibrillator training.  Further details of the training required by dental practice staff and the equipment required can be found here.

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