What is hands only CPR?

‘Hands only CPR’ was initially known as ‘compression-only-CPR’ and discussed in the Resuscitation Guidelines of 2005 (www.resus.org.uk) . The aim was to encourage would-be rescuers who were unwilling or unable to perform mouth-to-mouth (kiss of life) to attempt CPR. Interruptions to chest compressions are known to reduce the chances of survival.

There is now an active campaign from the British Heart Foundation to encourage people who witness someone collapsing to ‘have a go’.  You can click on the image to find the video on YouTube.

The campaign is aimed at people who have had no formal training and does not intend to replace any training that you may have had. There are already stories in the media about lives having been saved, including a 42-year-old man successfully resuscitated by his friends on a golf course. For me one life makes the campaign worthwhile.

If you have any questions about hands only CPR please feel free to contact us