Management of Anaphylaxis in Dental Practices

As you are aware the supply of adrenaline auto injectors (AAIs) is currently reduced.  This is due to issues with the supply of Epipen.  Prescribers are therefore being advised to transfer patients onto other devices if necessary.  An example is the Emerade which is pictured above.  Suppliers are therefore being told by NHS England to only supply to dispensaries where the AAI is for a specific patient’s prescription.

What you need to stock

This means that when you attempt to re-order AAIs you may well be unable to.  In which case you will need to stock Adrenaline ampoules of 1mg/1ml.  You will also require along 1ml syringes and blue needles (23g).  This is also in line with a statement from the Chief Dental Officer.

Using Adrenaline ampoules

This does highlight the issue that not everyone in the practice will have the skill to give an intramuscular injection.  I would recommend that when you purchase your ampoules, needles and syringes that you buy some extra.  Then at a team meeting have a practise at opening an ampoule, drawing the right amount and injecting it.  Bananas are good as they don’t squirt back like an orange!  Please always be sharp safe!

I use Medtree for my supplies.  They will provide needles and syringes in the amount you require so that you don’t need to buy a whole box.

This is the link for the needles This is the link for the syringes Ignore the photo just choose 1ml syringes in the options box.

For my practices as part of their training I demonstrate how to draw up and administer an intramuscular injection; your resuscitation trainer should be able to do the same thing for you, so do ask them if you need help.

I hope that helps.  If you have any questions please get in touch.