How often do we need CPR training in a GP practice or Dental Practice?


I often get asked “how often do we need CPR training?”

The Resuscitation Council (UK) published new Quality Standards in November 2013.  They superseded and updated previous guidelines and brought primary Dental and GP practice in line with each other and in-hospital training.  The links are here for the Primary Dental and GP practice Quality standards.

The biggest change is with regard to the training required by medical practices; the guidelines used to require that clinical staff in a GP practice undertake training every 18 months and admin staff every 3 years.  This is no longer the case.

The Dental guidelines state that:-

“Dental practitioners and other dental healthcare staff should update their knowledge and skills in resuscitation at least annually”

The Primary Care guidelines state:-

“Clinical staff should have at least annual updates.”

They go on to say:-

“Non-clinical staff generally should have annual updates also”


What training do we need?

It is generally accepted that all staff should have annual updates, whether they are in primary dental or medical care and that training should include CPR for children.  Research suggests that skills degrade after 3 to 6 months but to undertake training more often is often not practicable.  I now recommend that staff revisit their skills via the Lifesaver app and teach their friends and family as a method to refresh their skills.  I’ve written a previous blog with suggestions for keeping CPR skills up to date.


Further information

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