How to do CPR

I was recently asked “how do you do CPR?” because they had met someone on holiday who had successfully resuscitated their husband.  It’s a great skill to learn and there are different ways to learn depending on the time you have available.

There are simple instructions, basic videos and interactive videos that you can try.

If you prefer learning Face to Face which I personally think is essential to truly learn the skill then there are also different options available to you.


You could attend a First Aid course?

I have various courses planned in Derbyshire during 2016 and you can find those details here.  During the Emergency First Aid at Work course you have all day to really get to grips with some essential life saving skills.

Although the course is designed to meet the requirements of a workplace because I also include CPR for children and infants and the use of an AED (Automated External Defibrillator) it really is useful for life.


You could arrange a less formal course?

If you’re local to me I can offer a ‘Save A Life Party’.  All you need do is arrange a venue and a group of friends (maximum of 12) and we can spend a couple of hours going over the basics.  There’s no formal charge for this because I believe in sharing knowledge with those who want it.  I do accept donations to cover my costs.


If you’d like more information about learning how to do CPR please get in touch.

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