Exercise in Disguise in Buxton, Derbyshire

The summer is often the season when we think about making healthier life choices.  So this week I thought I’d leave my usual blog topics and talk about some ‘Exercise in Disguise’ that is available in my local area.  The beauty of ‘Exercise in Disguise’ is that once you find your’s it ceases to be exercise and is just fun.  These are mine, feel free to comment in the box below and let me know about your’s.


Dance Classes in Buxton

I’m sure for some of you the thought of going to the gym will fill you with dread, I have ‘done’ the gym in the past but now I prefer to dance.  In Buxton we have several dance classes available.  As I’m writing this ‘We Love to Boogie’ by T. Rex has just come on the radio, very apt!



We have Zumba from Angela’s Accidental Fitness.  Angela’s routines are interesting but not too intricate so they’re easy to pickup and she introduces new routines in stages so there are always some you know.  Angela also offers Clubbercise which is like clubbing without the heels!  The routines are simpler than Zumba and the classes are in the dark with glow sticks so you really can dance like no one’s watching!



We also have FitSteps from DP – Personal Training.  FitSteps is based on Ballroom and Latin routines.  It was developed by Natalie Lowe and Ian Waite from Strictly Come Dancing, along with swimmer Mark Foster.  Dom’s classes are high energy and fantastic fun.  He mixes the choreography a little each time to literally keep us on our toes.  Dom offers classes at our local leisure centres in Buxton, New Mills and Glossop and he also offers classes at Trinity Church Hall, in Buxton, on a Wednesday evening.

Both Zumba and FitSteps also have a lower intensity classes available.

If dancing is not for you…


Target 5k Group

If you would rather be outside and would like to try running, or are returning to running the Target 5k group could be for you. Buxton Athletic Club have a beginners group called the Target 5k group.  The programme is organised over 9 weeks and is timed to finish with the monthly 5k Park run in the Pavilion Gardens in Buxton, Derbyshire.

The sessions are organised by Andrew Wearden and have become a huge success.  The group started on the 11th July 2016.  If you’ve missed the first couple of weeks but would like to join, don’t worry, contact Andrew either through the website or the Facebook page and usually it’s alright to join in.

It’s a wonderful way to try running in a friendly and extremely supportive group.  Don’t be put off by the fact that it’s organised by the athletic club – they are a great bunch and the programme starts gently.


I hope you’ve found this information useful if you have any questions or comments please add them below. 

Especially if you’ve tried any of these groups.