Save a Life Party

It’s party season!  Would you like to hold a slightly different party this year?

I would like to let you know about a new not-for-profit scheme I have.

What I do is come to your group, either friends/family or charity groups, and teach you how to ‘Save A Life’.  The groups can be adults or children or a mixture.  The sessions are about 1 ½ hours and cover basic life support for adults and children, the recovery position and the management of choking.  With these few simple skills you can really make a difference.  Depending on the size of room the maximum would be 12 (be aware that everyone needs to be able to practise CPR on the manikins and this takes a lot of room).  There is no fee for this service but I accept donations.

I have space for 2 ‘parties’ a month so be sure to book early.

Please share this with any groups you are involved with.